A New Age-Chapter 1

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Chapter 1
Arrival in a new world

Jack ran through the burning remains of his Gym, seeing the city he had grown up in burning around him as he used his body to ram though a glass window, seeing no other exit after the main door had been consumed in fire.
Shadow City was bathed in death as he plunged into the night of the world outside and drove his way back onto his feet, charging blindly forwards as he heard an explosion tear its way through something, somewhere beyond his sight in the crumbling city. Behind him, there was a gust of wind and a large tendril of pure fire was blown out of the gym and upon the neighbouring buildings, setting them alight within seconds and beginning the great inferno that would no doubt consume everything remotely flammable.
He was the gym leader of Shadow City...it was his job to defend it from danger...and now he had failed.
He didn't know where any of his Pokémon were, he reached down to his belt, searching for the Pokéballs he had always kept there but found it empty and bare, void of any of the creatures that he had travelled with for all his years since becoming a trainer. Even his partner Pokémon was absent from any sight, leaving him alone in the burning world that had once been the place he had fought for, his home.
"How far are you going to run?"
Jack cursed as he hurled himself over a car bonnet, landing crudely on the ground and stumbling as he tried to claw his way back onto his feet and continued his running, trying to ignore the crude voice that was sounding out around him.
"Do you think you can escape me?"
It wasn't a voice that he recognised, but somehow he knew perfectly well who it came from, despite the fact that the speaker should have been completely unable to talk...and he hated every word that came from the invisible mouth...
Jack yelled out in fear as the world suddenly illuminated in bright orange and yellow as something exploded into light above him, blinding him as he stumbled and fell harshly to the ground. He felt stones dig as his flesh and large cuts to tear across him as he hit the ground before slowly standing and looking upwards, his tired eyes struggling to make out the two forms that flew through the burning night's sky.
In the sky above, ash and lightning flew across the world as two mighty figures collided above the burning city, one white as the purest light and bathed in sacred fire which eliminated the night sky, the other pitched in a black that was deeper than any natural night, wrapped in terrible lightning that set the very air alive with static power.
Again the night exploded into light as they clashed, releasing a burning bolt of lightning flying down and shattering the once beautiful form of Shadow Tower, before the darkness of night once again consumed the two figures, hiding them from view.
Cursing himself for failing his city again, Jack climbed to his feet and again plunged into the inferno of the city, running as fast as he could through what was once a beautifully place...he had to get out somehow or it would all be over.
A flash of pink flew by him and a Pokémon of legend soared into the sky, tiny twin wings beating as leaves and plant life tore out of the burning buildings and swung out toward the darkness as they the Pokémon fought to defend both itself and him. Balls of shadows answered its call to arms and the air exploded into black fire, sending the Pokémon flying down in a flash of black and pink, tearing apart the plant life that had surrounded it like paper.
The cry of the Pokémon's voice sounded pathetic and distant as Jack watched it fall, running as fast as he could to it in the desperate hope that he could somehow save the Pokémon that had saved him so many times in the past...or was it the future?
As he ran around the corner, he caught sight of the crippled Pokémon lying motionless among the ruins of what had once been the cities PokéCentre like it was a part of some sick irony. The legendary Pokémon of time travel, a Celebi with a body of brilliant pink, lying broken among the burning remains of his home city...
"Welcome back Jack"
Jack only stared in pain as he saw the figure of a young woman step over the broken body of the Celebi, her face somehow managing to remain completely free of the touch of the ash that flew freely around her like a blizzard. He recognised her from sometime in his past, both present and past and felt something chill him as her saw her face.
Why couldn't he remember it?    
"Your journey's end will come at the dawn of a new age..."
At the whispering of the voice, Jack found himself screaming as he fell back onto his rear, losing his footing as he tried to turn back. He remembered the voice, cold in flickering candle light and what it had said, the prophecy of what his death would be..
Jane, the gym leader of Sight City, a friend who had been said to be able to predict the future…and she had given him the prophecy of his own death long before either of them had really know each other…
"Your journey's end will come at the dawn of a new age..."
That had been the prophecy she had given him eight years ago, the day he had defeated her Gym and taken the future badge. It had been so long ago that he had forgotten about it...but now the memories of her hollow, distant face, the blank and darkened eyes that had looked down at him and the flickering of candle light returned to his mind as if he had seen the event only yesterday. He remembered perfectly the time he had had his death foretold...
With her prophecy remembered, Jane's entire face was bathed in shadows and her features were replaced with a terrible grinning Cheshire Cat grin with eyes that glowed a deep, blood red as her entire body seemed to bubble and expand into a terrible black shape, its back forming a row of thorn like spikes as the grinning face melted into the new body, reforming in the centre as it sneered down at the terrified Gym Leader. It seemed to laugh cruelly before its short arm rose upward and lunged an orb of pure darkness towards him, crying out in joy as Jack vanished into the darkness.
"Hey...You all right mate?"
Jack lunged bolt upright as he gasped for breath as his eyes shot towards the source of the voice that had awoken him. He didn't even fully register the man beside him who had awoken him as he muttered a jumbled reply and rubbed his eyes with a groan, slipping his glasses back onto his nose as he looked around himself, trying to regain his surroundings.  
He was on a boat? Why wasn't he back at the Gym?
Groaning to himself, Jack allowed his head to fall back against the chair with a thud, allowing his mind to roam free as he sought for the answers to the questions that sleep had managed to deprive him off.  He could barely remember the dream that he had been having...but he knew it had been bad...and that there was something very important about it.
His head felt like a Tyranitar had managed to sit on it during his sleep...
"Oww...Remind me never to sleep with my head in that position again..."
"Yer...not a very good idea mate" The man laughed before standing and wondering away, leaving Jack to close his eyes again with a sigh as he allowed them readjust to the mid day light. He was never very good after just waking up and the fact that he had just had such a dream as he had was definitely not helping.  
"Your journey's end will come at the dawn of a new age..."
Again, Jack bolted upright as his memory suddenly returned. He felt his eyes stink after the sudden opening again before but he no longer cared, his mind buzzing with the image of dying Pokémon and laughing faces.
The hell kind of dream was that?
He hadn't had a nightmare like that in a long time, not since the Shadow City incident with Darkrai. And now it seemed that at once he had had every possible bad thought he could imagine…Gengar, losing his friends and Pokémon, Celebi falling...why had he had it?
Jack simply sighed as he slumped back into his chair in annoyance at himself, looking down to where a small Pokémon had woken up from its own sleep and had cast him with a worried gaze, two pure white eyes reflecting the mid day sun perfectly as they looked up at him.
Jr, a Mime. Jr that had been with him since day one of his adventure in the Pokémon world, his partner Pokémon. It pained him somehow to see its usually laughing face replaced with the worried expression it fixed him with now and he found himself reaching down and picking the Pokémon up, sitting it upon his lap in a sort of mini-hug more to comfort himself as he got over his dream than to comfort the Pokémon, not that Jr didn't give a sigh and cuddle him back.
They were together, a Gym Leader and his partner Pokémon on a boat to a region that they had never been too before, filled with Pokémon they had never heard of before...and all for the sake of asking a question that may well hold the possible fates of his entire region in its answer...Jack couldn't help but feel a little intimidated...
"This is your captain speaking, will all passenger please make sure that you have all of your belongings with you as you leave the ship. We hope you have had a pleasant journey and on behalf of myself and the rest of the crew I would like to bid you welcome to the Isshy Region"   
"Looks like we are up" Jack grinned as he slowly rose to his feet and slung his backpack around his shoulder, pushing such thoughts out of his mind. Jr gave a small laugh before wrapping one of its arm's around his head to support its grip as it took its usual place upon his left shoulder. Straightening his trademark Trilby, they set off through the crowd that was now swarming around the entrance to the boarding area of the ship. Keeping to the rear of the crowd, Jack ran his hands through his pockets, only to through a miniature panic when he found his belt void of Pokéballs before, with a heavy sigh, remembering that he had left his team behind with only the reassuring weight of JR on his shoulder left to remind him of them.   
It was strange to be on the doorstep of a new adventure and not have anyone there to share it with him. Even when he had first started out from Shadow City 8 years ago he had had his best friend with him along with JR and Dante. But the rest of his Pokémon were still needed back at Shadow City to help in the repairs, a task that Jack had practically been forced to abandon by his friends Mike and Sarien, both of whom had stated that he needed the break after working almost none stop to help out. So, when a message had come from Professor Juniper, the local Pokémon know-it-all, requesting his presence in the Unova Region he hadn't really had any choice but to go. That wasn't to say however, that he wasn't looking forward to arriving in a new region on a trip that didn't involve a Pokémon of utter darkness trying to kill him or a ghost type trying to destroy the world around him.
Still, as he looked over the heads of the crowd of people, he couldn't help but feel slightly put out by the massive metropolises that spanned out ahead of him...
The skyline of Crytellia City was simply magnificent. A sea of buildings standing impossibly high, reaching up as if to drill through the sky itself, a storm of black needles silhouetted against the mid-day sun which seemed like giant teeth of a massive maw just about set to snap around the giant cruse ship the second it floated into the port before him. The sheer scale of the city was unlike anything that he had ever seen as the ship turned round in order to slip into one of the many docks that stretched across the entire seaward side of the city, each broken put by long concrete piers that buzzed with activity as thousands of people moved about their daily lives. In the air, a flock of bird like Pokémon yelled and cooed to one another, swirling around in the sky as they seemed to use the massive building as a giant obstacle course, spinning around the width of each concrete monolith a couple of times before moving on to the next one. In the distance, Jack could just about make out the shape of a giant suspension bridge, deformed by the sheer distance between himself and it and with its end well beyond his visual distance.
Beneath his feet, the boat shook violently as the engines shut down and the cruse ship begun to drift into the dock, using the natural currents of the water below to guide it as the crew members appeared among the exited passengers and checked that everything was prepared for the docking and that no one was causing any trouble. The sound of a fog horn blared out above them as the ship's captain noticed a group of brilliant white, bird like Pokémon that seemed to have settled upon the water ahead of the floating behemoth, the roar of the horn sending them screeching and flapping into the air in flight.
"Damn Swanna" one of the crew members cursed nearby, causing Jack to raise his eyebrow slightly as he made a mental note of the names of these new Pokémon "They always manage to get in the way whenever you try to dock"
"The Seismitoad are worse mate" another crewman replied as he began securing the lifeboats for storage until the next cast off "They just hop right on to the ship without a second thought"
"Mime Mime!"
"Tell me about it..." Jack smiled a mock confused expression at his partner Pokémon as Jr looked up towards the bird Pokémon that were now circling through the sky overhead "Feels weird not having the foggiest idea what those guys are talking about..."
It was true he thought as he looked towards the concrete piers again, seeing a Pokémon that resembled a short, fat, red skinned man in a karate outfit carrying an incredibly heavy crate from a  docked fishing ship. Back in his home region, the Goin Region, he had taken for granted the fact that Pokémon from practically every region lived around him and had never really faced a Pokémon that he hadn't know from somewhere or another. But now, as the ship gave a gentle thud and the boarding platform were placed against the cruise ship, he felt like an alien in a completely different world, a world where none of the Pokémon or people that he had come to know and love existed, a world where Jr and himself were completely alone.
Looking up to his shoulder, Jack forced a smile as he met the worried look that had appeared over Jr's face, the little Pokémon wondering why they hadn't begun to leave the ship yet as everyone else had. Sighing, he nodded and reached up to allow the Pokémon to hold his hand as it shifted its position on his shoulder, an act that would have made him grunt in pain if the Mime Jr hadn't done it every day for the 8 years that had passed since the Pokémon had been born.
Sighing once more, he moved his arm to straighten his hat once again and walked towards the platform, taking his first step into the Unova Region...
"Hey you! Stop right there!"
"Oh come on..." Jack groaned to himself as he turned around to look around him for whoever had shouted for him.
He raised his eyebrow slightly as a large, overweight man pushed through the crowd, waving towards them as he tried to stop them leaving. He was clearly not a man that had had much experience with the concept of exercise and thus, whatever it was that was making him run now, it must have been worth stopping to find out about.  
"Can I help you?" Jack called over, giving his best 'I'm sure I'm innocent' grin as Jr repositioned itself on his shoulder
"Yer..." The man managed to breath in reply as he finally reached him, leaving a trail of pissed off looking people behind him. The second he stopped, he broke out into a hail of heavy breathing as he tried to regain some form of breath, heavy sweat pouring down his face as he looked up towards him, revealing a massive, biker like beard "I...I...Wheeze...I wanted to...know if that...Pokémon...that Pokémon is..."
"You mean Jr?" Jack tried to complete the man's question in order to save the time and agony of waiting for him to talk through his lack of breath...seriously...the guy had only been running for a total of two minutes before reaching him "What about him?"
"I...I want...Pokémon from other...region...I want to battle"
"Ah" Jack blinked as the man finally managed to stand up straight, cracking his back with a final wheeze before looking a Jr with a beardy grin. So that was what he wanted...
"Errr...mate" He sighed as he turned around, looking up towards Jr with I raised eyebrow "Look mate, I have only just gotten off that boat, I'm not after a battle just yet. I mean...I don't even have any Pokémon with me besides Jr here. Look"
He gestured towards his belt, the place where most trainers kept their Pokéballs, showing how each of the small hooks that they had once hung from was now completely empty, not even Jr's Pokéball could be seen, having been left back at the Gym due to its utter lack of ever being used. It was a gesture that had intended as dismissive, as a way of showing the man that he was not in any shape for battling, but a single wrong movement proved to be his own downfall.
"Hold it!" He yelled as he suddenly through a hand behind the lip of Jack's blazer and yanked out the source of the small glint of metal that he had seen. Grinning to himself, he looked at the badge he had found before holding it up for Jack to see, his grin somehow growing wider. "You're a Gym leader aint ya?"   
Jack could only groan inwardly as he took the badge back, his eyes lowering in annoyance as he reattached it to his coat. It was the badge that labelled him as a Gym Leader, one of the highest class of trainers in all regions, a part of the elite.
"Guess I have no chose now do I..." He muttered as Jr simply looked down at him with a strange expression.   
A couple of minutes later, Jack was stood at the end of the concrete pier, allowing Jr to jump down from his shoulder as the large man led him to a small arena that had been marked out at the edge of the pier the ship had docked at. In a world where Pokémon battles happened everywhere, it really paid to have spots marked out for them everywhere you could.
"All right Jr, seems like we have ourselves a nice welcome to the region"
"Mime mime!"
"All right!" his new opponent laughed, hurling a Pokéball high into the air "Let me show you how we here in the Unova Region do things"
Jr gave a low mutter, tilting its head slightly as its white eyes followed the flickering blue light that burst out of the Pokéball, tilting its body slightly more to the side as it adopted a more combat ready position, watching as the blue light fell to the ground. For a second, Jr's pink face was bathed in blue as the light exploded into solid form and took the shape of what resembled a yellow spider, the form of the Pokémon that it released.
"You ready for this Galvantula!"
Jack gritted his teeth as he shouted for Jr to get ready, his eyes focusing upon the body of the spider that was now slowly advancing towards the centre of the makeshift battle arena. Long strands of a purple like colour ran across its back whilst six, blank eyes glared up at him, only two actually having a visible pupil. Two long pincers clasped and clicked beneath its saw as it advanced whilst its four legs beat a strange pattern into the concrete land.
Jack had never seen the Pokémon before...a great way to start out a time in a brand new region.
"Ok Jr, you ready for some fun?"   
"Mime, Mime Mime!"
Jack merely grinned as Jr begun to spin on the spot, dancing around and around in a series of exotic circles with its arms lifting and falling at seemingly random times to create a unique dance, one which was only enhanced by the way that its body begun to glow a bright pink as it spun and laughed. The small orb on the tip of its hat like head rose up as if caught in some unearthly breeze before the Mime. Jr swung its body around so that its spin arched backwards with its legs facing towards jack and it's back bent over, leaving its face to look upside down at the confused man. It gave a cute cheer and a wink before it arms sung round and clapped and the pent up psychic energy was unleashed in a powerful wave of pure psychic energy towards the opposing Pokémon.
The electric spider Pokémon cried out as it tried to jump to avoid after a bellowed command from its trainer, but was too slow and the psychic blast hit against its side with a powerful flash of energy that sent it flying to the side, crashing against a nearby lamppost with a heavy thud.
"Mime mime!" Jr cheered as it straightened and bowed to whatever applause it could imagine itself to be hearing after its opening dance/attack. And...as Jack looked around at the crowd gathered around them, he realised that they were actually applauding his partner...some were even taking photos or calling people on phones and telling them to run to where they were.
Were Pokémon from other regions really that popular here?
"All right then!" The man called out as he stepped away from his Pokémon, what looked like a small potion bottle in hand "Galvantula! Use ElectroWeb!"
"Use what?" Jack muttered as he exchanged a confused look with Jr. He had never heard of that move before...
Before him, the large spider Pokémon made a strange clicking sound as it reared back onto its hind legs, its two main eyes narrowing as its small jaw slipped open and vomited out a long thread of silk. Jr gave a cry as it lunged itself to the side, using its arms to support itself as it ran but the spider simply adjusted his head and the thread struck true, wrapping around Jr's body tightly as the psychic Pokémon was yanked to the ground. The was a second pause where Jr tried to break free before the Galvantula gave a loud clicking sound and the thread burst into electrical energy, causing Jr to scream out as the currents ran freely through the thread that been wrapped around its body.
The crowd either gasped or cheered as the Galvantula swung its head around again and the thread pulled Jr into the air and slammed it down against the ground, like it was swinging around a ball on a string before it gave a loud click and the thread was severed, leaving Jr to crash against the ground and remain still...
Jr gave a weak smile as it looked up towards Jack as its trainer picked him up slowly, cradling the psychic type Pokémon like a baby as he checked it for any major injuries and smiling in relief as he found none. But still, that attack had taken its toll on the small psychic type and its strength to fight was all but gone.
"That's us done"  He called back towards the man he had been battling, who now had his Galvantula stood by his legs, patting it "Jr isn't going to be able to keep this up so...your victory"
"Oh hell yes!" His opponent cheered, punching the air as is Pokémon gave a audio thump against the ground with its front legs "I knew we was better than some other region Pokémon! I'm the best there is!"
Then, giving a strange thrust like dance move, he simply turned and walked away, some of the crowd following him whilst the rest dispersed, leaving Jack alone with the exhausted Mime. Jr still cradled in his hands.
"Now then...shall we get you fixed up?"
"Well I can't say that I'm used this healing this species of Pokémon...but...here you go"
"Thank you"
The Nurse Joy that he had found within the new cities PokéCentre smiled warmly as she gently placed the giggling Mime. Jr down onto the counter before her, allowing it to stand up and stretch after its healing before leaping onto its trainer's sleeve and climbing onto its usual place upon his shoulder.
"Forgive my bluntness" She said as she stared at the small psychic Pokémon "But you aren't from this region are you?"
"Nope" Jack grinned back as he reached up to rest a hand upon his Pokémon out of both habit and in an attempt to keep it still as it began looking back and forth across the PokéCentre "I'm a gym leader from Shadow City in the Goin Region. I only got in this region about...I don't know...about an hour ago"
"And you've already had one of your Pokémon knocked clean out?"
"Well...that's a bit of an exaggeration but...yer. Jr and I had an interesting welcome to the region"
"Mime Mime!"
"I see..." she muttered before seeming to change her entire tone in a second as she looked up and gave a massive grin "Well then, welcome to the Unova Region! As with any other region, you can come to any of the many Pokécentres whenever you need a check up on your Pokémon or help with finding where you need to go.  We provide all of the usual free services and are more than happy to make home visits should the need for it arise"
"Thank you" Jack smiles as he bowed slightly, a custom he had picked up at some point thought he couldn't remember where "and am I right in assuming that they are all run by...your family?"
"Oh yes" Joy smiled warmly as she pulled a picture out from beneath the desk and held it up for him to see "Every Pokécentre is run by a member of my family. Here they are"  
From behind the glass frame, around a dozen completely identical women smiled up at him, all sat in the exact same position and all in the exact same clothes, it was as if someone had simply copied the same women and pasted her image again and again. But that was what it was like in every region, every Pokécentre was run by a Nurse Joy who looked the exact same as every other Nurse Joy but was in fact only her sister, cousin, aunt, mother...it all got quite intimidating when he thought about it. If it weren't for the fact that he had often seen several of the nurses in the same place before or the fact that each had a different personality...he would still be willing to swear blind that it was only one woman who simply insisted on following him wherever he went...
And it was the same with the officer Jenny's...
"...And here is my younger sister..." Joy smiled as she pointed gently at the identical face of the women sat next to the one she had identified as herself. To Jack, they all looked the exact same but Joy was able to point them each out as if they had completely different faces and names...either that or she was just making it up as she went...not that he was about to say anything "she's new to the position down at Striaton City so I really should get around to going down to visit her sometime...she how she is settling in. Maybe next week? Yer I think I could do that...oops, sorry...I seem to have gone on a bit of a rant haven't I?"
"Oh no its fine" Jack smiled politely, hiding the fact that he had been about to try and interrupt her anyway "I'm sure your sister is settling in just fine"
"Oh she will be...but you know how big sisters can worry"
Jack simply smiled and nodded as he turned to look up towards the T.V. that hung from the wall above the counter, his eyes rolling lazily across the news headline of 'Storm devastates large portions of Route 7 – emergency repairs needed on Celestial Tower' and the news women who was reporting it. It was hardily news to keep him interested, given that he had no real idea where they were talking about...but the damage reminded him of the destruction that had been wrought back at his home town...

A ship exploded into flames as a massive figure of white tore through the sky, ripping it apart with a devastating amount of force as people were thrown high into the air, purple and blue flames wrapping across every inch of the ships ion body. There was a devastating roar and groan of butchered metal as it bent inward under the sheer heat.
His vision flickered in blinding light and he was stood atop the deck of the burning boat, his eyes burning in their sockets as the massive, pure white Pokémon above him vomited another storm of blue fire into the world around him. He saw people run around him as they tried to escape the fire, lead by a women dressed in black and yellow and a boy with a Pikachu coated in white.
As he looked back at them, Jack's entire body jolted as he felt a horrible sensation of destiny about the two, his flashing eyes filling with the image of the boy stood atop a cliff or the women stood surrounded by rollercoaster's. His entire body retched as he fought the reflex to vomit as the ship again lunged with another burst of unnatural fire and a voice screamed out around him like an echoing god....    

Jack bolted back into reality as he heard Nurse Joy's voice call out, looking around in confusion as he tried to see what could have caused him to even think about a boat being destroyed...what was wrong with him today?
It wasn't like he hadn't had nightmares before, ever since he had first gone to Fall City and faced against the horror he had met there he had had nightmares about Gengar and the destruction of the world he loved...but he had never had them as vivid as he had lately, never as clear or realistic as they were now. And that one he had just then...he hadn't even been asleep to have it. He couldn't see faces or anything like that, but somehow he couldn't shake the feeling that what he was seeing was real, that what he was seeing was more than simply just another aimless nightmare about Gengar...
Or maybe he had just finally lost it utterly...
Jack blinked as he looked back towards Nurse Joy, smiling apologetically as he finally clicked that she had been talking to him and pushed his questions straight to the back of his mind. The things he was seeing were probably nothing more than wild thoughts breaking free due to his lack of sleep, maybe once he got to Professor Juniper's he would be able to steal a bed for the night or something and get a good night's sleep...that should be a big help.
"Sorry" He said to Nurse Joy "I was miles away. What did you say?"
"I asked what a Gym leader from the Goin Region is doing here." Joy repeated, failing to completely hide her irritation at his original lack of paying attention "We don't often get many from around there passing through"
"Really? Well, I suppose I'm here on business regarding my region" Jack replied as he rested his elbows on the counter whilst Jr slipped of his shoulder and wondered over to the small play area of Pokémon toys that had been set up in the corner of the Pokécentres foyer to entertain itself whilst he talked "you see...there has been a large increase in the population of Pokémon from this region that have been migrating over to my region, it's practically doubled in the last three months! We don't have the foggiest idea what is causing it but we do know that it's devastating the echo system over there. We have Pokémon native to our region and native to this region, meeting and fighting for land that had previously belonged to a single group of Pokémon, reshaping the boundaries of all Pokémon territories. This is also causing them to become incredibly hostile to humans, as you can imagine, and thus we have more and more trouble...I mean just this week, a group of Blodore attacked a transport bus carrying new trainers and their unhatched Pokémon eggs...nearly killed them too. So I've come over to Unova to have a meeting with Professor Juniper of Nuvema Town, kind of in the hope that we can find a way to deal with the situation before it gets any worse than it is now..."
"I see...I had heard that Unova Pokémon were spreading across the world recently...didn't expect them to be having such a bad effect though"
"Oh I'm sure everything will be fine" Jack smiled as he looked over towards Jr more out of habit than anything else "It's not the first time that wild Pokémon in my region have had trouble like this and they have always managed to sort it all out fast enough. The only reason they have attacked people I think, is because they are cementing their new lands and obviously they can't be seen by other Pokémon to be allowing anything to just walk into their lands. Once they have the new territories sorted out, everything will be fine again I'm sure"
"You seem very confident"
"Or naive, whichever you prefer"
Joy laughed as he gave a dumb grin before smiling back down towards the counter as she placed the picture back underneath the desk. It was strange as he looked down at her; she looked different from any Nurse Joy he had seen before. Maybe it was because the usual cold light that filled the centres from his home region had been replaced with a warm, golden light that cast a colour down upon the nurse he hadn't seen on one before. She looked like she had more colour in her cheeks, even her voice sounded somehow warmer then back in the Goin Region. He liked it.
"Is there something wrong?"
"Waah...no, nothing wrong" Jack stuttered as he jumped backwards, blushing fiercely as Joy simply blinked at him after he seemed to have been aimlessly staring at her in his thought. "Sorry..I was miles away...didn't mean to stare"
Joy simply smiled back at him with a unusually knowing expression as she turned her head slightly to look over to where Jr was playing with the toys in the play area, her blue eyes again catching the lighting perfectly.
"You have a very strong willed Pokémon there" She remarked, her voice quite as if she wasn't actually talking to him "Loyal and brave...yet somehow able to maintain its child like nature and enjoy life for what it is...that's something that all too rare"
"Yer..." Jack smiled as he looked over to his partner Pokémon. The Nurse Joy from his home in Shadow City had said the exact same "Jr has always been able to enjoy the lighter moments in life...despite whatever it is that he's been put through. It's just his nature...and it's all just a part of his charm"
Tickle Tickle
Jack jumped slightly as he felt something slip across his arm, two thin strands that creped around his body like a pair of vines. Jumping around, he felt his heard jump as he found himself staring into two crystal blue eyes that had no pupils, gleaming through the light at him from a pink and cream face. A thin, lipless mouth smiled kindly up at him from the small pink Pokémon as it laughed.
"What the f...? Another new Pokémon?"
"Oh yes, that's an Audino" Nurse Joy smiled at him as she leant across the counter, resting her head on crossed arms as she looked at him "I suppose you have never seen one before seeing as your from the Goin Region. Audino are the main Pokémon aids for the various Pokécentres scattered around this region. They all assist my family and me with everything you could imagine in running the centres...mind you...I believe that most other regions use a different Pokémon for that. What's it called again? Chansey?"
"Yer, Chansey" Jack nodded, reaching into his wallet and producing a picture of himself and his partner Gym Leader Mike stood outside the PokéCentre of Shadow City, celebrating its reopening after the first had been destroyed due to an attack from Team Rocket. He was stood beside the resident Nurse Joy, Jr on shoulder, surrounded with around a dozen Chansey whilst Mike stood by the scaffolding behind, using the long metal poles to make a very immature joke... "Here we go, this is my local PokéCentre and those are Chansey"
"Ah I see" Joy grinned again as she took the picture and looked over it "She's looks a little different to me but at the same time...hmm...yes. You all seem very happy together"
"Yer...one big happy family back at Shadow City"
"And...may I ask who this is?"
For a reason he couldn't say, Jack found himself blushing again as he saw Nurse Joy pointing to the young women that had stood beside him, hidden slightly by a Chansey that had managed to find a chair to stand on and was promptly falling off at the time of the pictures taking. Her eyes were wide open with a heartfelt grin as she waved to the screen whilst a small Smoochum clung to the bottom of her legs. Long, thigh long blonde hair blew around her as she laughed at some unseen joke, looking slightly towards his picture self as he stood by Nurse Joy...
"That's Sarien..." He muttered, suddenly all too aware that Jr had stopped playing and was now simply staring at him from the play area "She's a friend who has been with me for quite a while...errr...she's a very important part of my Gym and..."
"And to you?"
Now Jack simply seemed unable to speak as he looked at the Nurse Joy, feeling irritatingly exposed as he heard the soft sound of Jr laughing to himself "What...what makes you say that?"
In reply, Joy simply gestured down towards the small Audino, grinning as a pair of small feelers lowered from its ears and hovered over his chest, feeling around for something before the Pokémon gave a large grin and stepped back, bowing to him before turning around and simply walking away as Joy chuckled to herself.
"Audino have the ability to understand how people feel and some basic emotions by using the feelers attached to their ears to sense your heartbeats...that's all we really need to know"  
Jack merely managed to open and close his mouth, unable to actually make any sound as he did so and stared back at Joy, feeling his shoulder suddenly grow heavy as Jr reattached itself to him and wrapped an arm around his head. He felt like he was in a police interrogation room with the light blasting down upon him...and he didn't even understand why!
"So where are you heading?" Joy laughed, finally deciding to place him out of his misery
"Errr...Nuvema Town. I'm heading down towards Professor Juniper"
"Oh yes. She's a fine professor. And I believe that there is a bus heading out for Nuvema Town soon, down near the Cafe Sonata. But you might want to head off...it leaves in ten minutes and there isn't going to be another one today..."
But jack had already vanished through the PokéCentre door, leaving a cry of "Thank you!" behind him as he went and leaving Joy to watch after him with an amused expression.
"Errrr...hope to see you again..."
"Hold the bus!"
Jack cursed as he jumped in front of the moving vehicle, swinging his arms out and waving them almost blindly in a desperate attempt to gain the attention of the driver. Jr howled in laughter as it clung onto his head, swinging from side to side after losing its seat on his shoulder due to the rushing wind that he ran through.
"Hold it!"
Breathing a heavy sigh of relief as the bus screeched to a halt inches away from mowing him clean of his feet, Jack stumbled up to the door as it slipped open and allowed him to slip in through the door, taking a seat with a thud at the back of the bus as it once again begun to move off.
That had been way to close for his liking...
"Mime mime!"
He laughed slowly as he reached down and patted the giggling Jr as he looked around the bus, taking in the faces of all those riding alongside of him more out of habit more than anything...and resting upon a man sat two seats away, a man who had a boyish cap pulled over his sleeping face as thick green hair hung loosely across his shoulders.
And again, for reasons he didn't understand, he felt his head explode with the promise of destiny as the green haired man peeked up at him from beneath his cap, fixing him with a unceasing look with his brilliant green eyes, before the cap was pulled back down and the man fell asleep...leaving Jack to turn back and look as the bus drove through the new region...   
A/N: here we go! Finally, the start of the Trainer’s Trial story based upon the Pokémon games: Black and White.
This story is made in coalition with my fellow Pokémon fan Twilight the moon spirit (whose account and story has been linked on my profile) and is thus a first for me. This means that he will be writing a story with the same storyline at the same time which will be connected to mine, with his main character Felix crossing over and meeting with Jack in my story and my characters doing the same in his.
It will follow the storyline of the game relatively closely but due to my style will have a different sub-plot with my own characters and will have an ending that is very different (and more epic!) than that which happens in the game.
So if you want to have a story that offers lovable characters, a dark storyline, bad humour and all around epic Pokémon battles...I hope you have come to the right place :)
Oh and don’t worry about the opening dream thing...you aren’t really supposed to understand what happening just yet, it will be explained soon and does have a valid point. And the second does refer to the opening to Twilight stories as a first hint towards the coalition thing.
Enjoy and reviews are welcome!
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