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Hello, I’m new to DeviantArt, that said I’m working on a fantasy art game some what like magic the gathering which would be the best way to explain it. I’m looking to work with some fantasy artist to help us get our game to print ? We are willing to promote and pay our artist once the game makes some money. I am paying to have the game made, printed and distributed. I am a artist and designer my self, we are in need of 400-600 pice of art, we are willing to work with all those interested in coming to a Deal that protect the artist and their works for the monetary gain for the art work used as well as a continued partnership for future sets and art work needs. We are starting at ground zero this is a good opportunity for young and established artist to get involved in our company at the beginning! Thanks for you time and help 
Hi! I found your group when looking for promoting merchandise- would the group accept artwork for sale? I wouldn't really be using it for commercial purposes- I just have a lot of art in stock that needs a new home x3;
Our group is mainly for promoting artists who do commercial work. their portfolios etc.. We do not usually put up merchandise for sale here.
I'm a commercial photographer, what's the rules on adding artwork, and to which folder? I'm talking about pieces made solely for my portfolio, not published stuff.
you can add it to any folder you want except Featured
Please do not Suggest your own artwork for Featured... That is for others to propose your art for inclusion.