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So what's the question? Now I'm curious ;P
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Well, im just curious of what artwork you usually do?
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But, are you referring to personal work or commissioned work?
'cause the answer is vastly different between those two :D
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Both =)

both are amazing =)
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Well firstly, thanks for the nice words! you're very kind!
As for your queston, well, Commission work 98% of the time involves either
sexual acts or nudity, it's quite rare to get work that isn't that.
Which is why I rarely get to share anything haha
And for personal work, well, it varies from a different range of interests
from characters from properties I love, such as comics, films, series, etc.
To family members and friends, which I almost never post, as they are, well... personal :XD:
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No problem ^^

I see, i can definetly tell it take a lot of work

well if i ever asked if you could do artwork, id definetly wouldn't have any of that involved.

I actually had an idea involving a cute couple actually
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The weather isn't really on my side right now,
and I've got quite a lot on my plate as it is, so yeah, sorry! :(
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Im sorry to hear that , i hope it get's nicer and easier soon

if you ever wanna hear my ideas sometime, i'd be happy to share it with you