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Heeeeeyyy there, happy (belated) birthday!!!!  I'm sorry that I'm so slow to wish you a happy birthday... I wanted to draw you something really nice but I was stuck in the airport, so all I managed was this sketch: Scan824 by Laitma
I hope that you'll like it though!!  You're such an awesome person and I love your stories so much (I'm so inspired by your little snippets+illustrations and really still want to do some for myself but just somehow haven't gotten around to doing it yet), but keep it up!!  I want more Anti-Bio, even outside of Artslam!!!  hehehe~ <3
Happy birthday!!
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Oh wow thank you so much!  I totally missed this, I haven't been on DA in AGES!  This was amazing to come back to.  THANK YOU!!!!
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D'aaawwww oh noooo, I figured, I'm so sad it got to you so late then, hahahah!!  Glad you liked it though!!  <3