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Evening! Long time fan of the Spyro Loops here; never expected to find you here. Just thought I'd say hi; tbh, the Spyro Loops are honestly some of my favorite, if not my favorite fanfic material, to read to this day; so much so, that I'm planning on making my own Spyro story based off of the Loops. It's not going to be set in the loops, mind you, but rather, as a crossover between all 3 Spyro continuities, while incorporating some nods to the loops, if you don't mind.

As for the Spacebattles community itself, a small update; there's pretty much nothing left of the loops these days. There's no real plotlines, no stories, nothing of note; just Mary Sue ponies, Jojo references, and the occasional Undertale meme thrown around these days. While it was sad to see you go, I can't help but think you were in the right for leaving; the community has only gotten worse with time, and actual stories are a painful rarity.

Still, I am glad to see you moving on; heard you were planning on writing an official book; looking forward to it. I myself am an aspiring writer, and I hope to see your future success.