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UM UM! sorry to bother you! B-but i was thinking of making my own comic here on devianart too! 


But i don't really know how to do the whole 1280 X 800 type thing with the height and the width of the canvas, ToT I really like the way you do the layout of your comics so i was wondering if you could give me some sizing tips for doing comics on muro.deviantart

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Thanks so much for the links and advice Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
The links look really helpful so i'll definitely read through them carefully! <3
I'm really grateful for such a sedulous & considerate answer so i'm not sure just what to say because i'm so pleased.
I've heard before that most webcomic artists make their stuff based on if they get printed so it's interesting that you think so too.
   Anyway, Thank you for giving me so much help Ayano Tateyama (Bows) [V12] 
(btw if you don't use muro or what do you use to make your comics?)
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No problem. :)

The comics here are pretty old, I used to draw them in Painter and letter/finish in Photoshop.

Now I use Clip Studio ( and still do lettering/effects in Photoshop.
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I don't use muro but it doesn't look like muro.deviantart lets you resize an image or change the aspect ratio if you start with a blank canvas, so my understanding is you'd have to import an image at the correct size (from I don't use that either).  And the beta version has crop and resize? Sorry, I just don't use these tools and don't really know about them.

BUT, in terms of laying out comics, and why things go where they do, that's based on professional illustration practices, and I wrote about that on my Tumblr, if you'd like to read it. (This is a bit technical, but the size and layout of my comics personally are based on how they'd print in a book.)

In terms of general comic layout, and how to size panels, etc. I would recommend this article: 

If covers some things you don't need to pay attention to (clipping masks and vector stuff), but pay attention to the part about types of panels and camera angles.  In general, too, a big panel = long moment.  Small panel = short moment.