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Thanks for this program.
I just tried it and I think is very promising.
Here is something I made with it using a fractal image as a heightmap: [link]

I hope you can find the time and energy to complete this project.
Would it be possible for the program to draw the coloring from an image (e.g. the same image I set as heightmap?)

I think the program also need something like a quick preview pane where we can change the camera position intuitively (by mouse). Seeing a rought outline would be sufficient.
Now it is quite difficult and long process to get to the camera view you want.

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Hi Fourpillars,

I guess you tried out 0.3?

Plans for a realtime preview with mouselook are already there, a precision navigation pane is already there for 0.4, with a kind of compass for setting yaw, pitch, roll. It will also feature some non-realtime forward/backward/strafe functionality :)

Thanks for the encouragement, development goes on :)
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Thanks for answering.
Yes, used v 0.3

The pipeline sounds good.

How about taking color from the image I used as heightmap?
Now I set the 'material' to some light orange, but that means the entire picture is rendered based on a single color, only giving different shades according to local lightening.

Since I already use a colored bmp image for the heightmap. Why can't the same bmp be used to draw color information on a pixel by pixel basis, rather than using a uniform color for the entire scene?
To take 'material' from a bmp would open a lot new coloring and texturing options.

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Ah, missed this post, sorry :)

You are completely right.

There will be multiple opportunities. Solid, single color is basically just the introductory material for beginners. Later versions will include node-based or layer-based material editing with all combinations you can think of.

I want to make picogen for everyone, from beginners to pro-geeks, so that even I, who is better at programming than at designing, can make cool terrains :D
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To keep 'beginner settings' in the program is a very good idea.
That allows new users to 'ease in'...

Many program in this genre have too steep a learning curve.
I downloaded and tried a lot of different program to do what I wanted to do: render my fractal images as a heightmap to make them 3D.
Picogen gave me the best result and without having to read a 300+ page manual.

Adding the use of color/texture maps will already make this a very good program.
Let me know when v0.4 is ready
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Good to hear that it's not a bad idea :)

News regarding releases will of course be posted here.