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Hi!  SUUUPER weird question, but do you remember a Plague Flight banner you made for Flight Rising?  I was using it as my signature in the forums, someone else had it, but I can't find them anymore, and the link broke some time over the last couple of days.  I went to inspect the image link and found you as the creator, but I don't see it in your gallery.  I guess what I'm wondering is if I'd be able to save the image so I can upload it to my and attempt to use it as my signature again?
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Which one? I never deleted them from my, but I'm not surprised that dA has broken something lol.

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But feel free to upload it to your own if you'd like!
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Oh my God, I suck at replying, RIP.  Thank you for linking me!!  I ended up finding out that due to updates on both sites a lot of images are gradually breaking.  I privately uploaded them on my personal imgur, hidden to the public, to get them to work.  aoiheoihawge--Why DA, a literal art posting/sharing site, would not want to offer image hosting is beyond me.

Anywho!  I have your lovely work in my sig once again!