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We actually met online originally, back in 2007. I had just graduated from SCAD with my Bachelor's and Whitney was getting ready to start her undergrad at the school in the Fall, so one night she did a search on Yahoo messenger for anyone who had SCAD listed in their profiles. My name was the only one that had a hit, so she messaged me out of the blue to ask questions about the school. We immediately hit it off and a couple months later I decided to return for my grad studies to be closer to her. Three years later, we were married.

The version of how Peter and Whitney meet in the comics is only loosely based on our actual story. The P&C side of their story is purely fictional. We didn't know each other as kids -- there is actually an 8 year age difference between us -- but the story of how they get together in college in P&W is much more directly autobiographical.