Hey, thanks a lot! I'm glad you like it:D
Believe me, I fully intend to continue the story, I'll even complete it! (Don't worry, it won't be abandoned)
And I'd have a hard time deciding between those two myself;)
Your welcome. The story is cool. Sorry its not my place to comment, but why dont you change a little their names? Its a bit hard to pronounce their names, you know. Anyway, keep going.

P.S. Your BEAST is different from disney version(I dont say that I dont like disney version, but I like more your version of beast). As for the prince, I am enchanted by his eyes and smile(OH THAT SMILE AND LOOK IN HIS EYES).
No problem, criticism is appreciated:)
I'm afraid I'm going to stick with their names, though, as I'd only confuse myself trying to change them after two years.
As for the names being hard I'm afraid that might be due to me being norwegian; we combine letters and sounds a little differently. This wasn't something I put much thought into when I started writing the story (in Norwegian), and yeah, well... The names stuck:)
Hurray! I tried making him as far from the Disney version (which is adorable!) as possible, exploring a beast that looked more human but not entirely.
- He has a rather nice smile, doesn't he? :D
the smile which kills women's hearts