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Hello. Yes, you're absolutely right. It was my mistake, or rather an oversight. And I made it up twice.
Actually, it was a bad interpretation of the language on my part (my native language is Spanish). Even had remarked in my notes the following "Princes may assume the form of a female or male, they have no inherent gender, and are all referred to as "Princes".".
But when working on the piece, I must admit I was "seduced" but the word Princess (in Spanish Prince and Princess have a different vocal strength <Príncipe vs Princesa>).
For when I noticed the error no longer had the time to fix it. However it is an open question that will solve soon.
I appreciate what I remember me. And also, you like my work. Of course, for me, any comments or criticism is welcome.
Thank you and I promise to let you know just fix this detail. :)