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Hey dear! ♥ 
It's been awhile, yeah! I've been good. 

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It has indeed!! that's good :D 
I've not been too bad, not up to much lately anyways other than work xD been playing alot of animal crossing recently, do you play?
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MemokkeenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahhh I'm currently unemployed due to the pandemic X'D
But I study from home! Hoping to change careers.  Yotsuba Pray 
I might be getting a job thru school, actually!
I spend a lot of my free time shuffling between drawing, training, and fiddling with my boyfriend's sailboat. I've never really gotten into Animal Crossing, dunno why! 
Games I'm kinda stuck on (because I forget to take time to play them "OTL) are Final Fantasy IX and Resident Evil 3 (Remake).
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oh no :'( what do you work as?

ooh that'll be good though! Hope you're enjoying what you study :D I take it's educational related?

I've spent over 300 hrs on animal crossing.. it's actually a giant hole I've fallen into haha. With all that time I could've pumped out heaps of art..

I've heard final fantasy games are good! Never played them before though, they're rpg's right? and I think resident evil is a tad spoopy for my taste xD

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MemokkeenHobbyist Traditional Artist

I work(ed?) as a waitress/bartender, and they shut down nightclubs and restaurants over here for 2 months. XD Restaurants opened 4 days ago, but ours has decided to stay closed.

I just had an interview for a job related to what I study - IT! So here's hoping I can switch careers and work with what I am interested in ♥

Aww man I've put +300 hours into like... Witcher 3 X'D And Baldur's Gate 2, lmao

You should totally try a FF game! I recommend FF 9, it's imo the best but super underrated. ouo