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It's been something weird for me with all of this going on. I still work at my 'essential place of business' and have been keeping relatively the same hours I was doing before. Still, new procedures with sanitizing everything and making sure to be safe around customers and so forth. The most annoying part probably is remembering what I touch with what and how much I touched beforehand before throwing out the gloves, etc. in trying to be safe.

All the while hearing 'I shouldn't go out' and 'thank you for staying in', etc. Feel like I could have gotten a lot done if I could remote work. We also had an employee leave us for the time being as he's in quarantine from the start of this after he was deemed 'very susceptible' to this kind of virus.

Meanwhile, our new manager is taking an entire week off to 'sit down and relax' or something, but that has led to a new employee being around and for us to train. Also a stressing thing during a pandemic? Training someone you need to show how to do things... But she has been a really great employee thus far and can hopefully replace the last one that doesn't do a lot of work around here.

Also stressing was when I was playing a game and was getting yes and kaleidoscope vision on the side of my left eye and was having trouble trying to breathe and sweating a lot. Then throwing up a few times as well. It ended up being a severe migraine headache, but enough symptoms to make me call a doctor's office and ask about the possibility it might be the coronavirus.

I am feeling a lot better now after that and haven't had any of the symptoms afterward. It's been nuts though. Hope you're having a better time

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Hey ....I have been away from Deviantart soo long. Just checked it out today. I could not even remember my password. I missed this message from you. I hope you are ok. Its a strange time here in BC everything shut family here for Christmas. Just spending the day checking out my long abandoned art site friends. I have no inclination to create. Anyway have a good Christmas. Lets hope 2021 will improve but I will not hold my breath on that one

Cheers Barbara

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Hmm, with the way everything has been hacked so much lately and having to come up with complex passwords and such I've relied on the chrome password sync for that stuff. Seems to work ok-ish.

Well, everyone has to move on eventually. Frankly with the climate of things right now you're lucky if you're not in a hospital or out on the street because you lost your job because of the same fun pandemic. However, from the sound of it, you seem to not be happy about your place in life. Sometimes it's merely a matter of mindset that can make you happy with that. I hope you can find that in the future.

Thank you! It was pretty good especially considering everything. I hope you had a good one too and that we all have a good transition in 2021 from this chaos climate.