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hi, are you around at the moment?
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Hi, thanks for the watch. :)
What do you mean with "around"? :)
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Kronosaurus82 so, how's life been for you here on Deviantart?
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No problem 😁

I just didn't think you'd still be active here on deviant art

So, how are you today?
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I rarely post devs because I rarely have time to do so, but I never quit DeviantART, and never will. :)
I'm waiting for publication of the last book I worked on to post here a few works. I don't know when it's going to be, because covid-19 pandemic slowed everything down a lot.
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Ok, I understand

I hope you'll be ok 😟

Btw, I'm a really big fan of you dinosaur comic work 😁👍

What inspired you to make them inn the first place?
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Really glad you like my books. :)
I was inspired by my childhood, actually: I dreamt of making my own dinosaur books since I was very little.
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That's really cool 😎👍

Do you think you'll make more comic books story about them? Cause dude, you have an awesome gift at it 😊👍
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Thanks again for your compliments.
I have no plans for more dinosaur comic books at the moment, but... who knows, maybe in the future. ;)
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