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Hey Shad! Just want to show you that I made my own Shword. Or as I call it, a Cavorite Kite Sword. Cavorite being a metal found in the scifi novel, First Men in the Moon by H.G.Wells that has anti-gravity properties. Though with my version, another, stronger metal had to be mixed in during the forging process due to weapons made of pure cavorite are more like an aluminum prop sword and can easily bend when you hit something with it hard enough as well as having negative gravitational mass which means that they can easily float away if you don't secure them properly.

Open Source: Cavorite Kite Sword

Also I made a different kind of Kite Sword that is more on the fantastical side of things. In that it would probably make your head spin when you see it.

May I present, Urthona's Formula Blade.

OS: Urthona's Formula Blade

I know, this looks ridiculous. But hey, sometimes is not a matter of "Why?" it's more of a matter of "Why Not?"