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Looking forward to your 9th pack getting uploaded soon, thanks for all your work! Happy new year!
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Thank you and Happy new year, wish you & your family all the best :hug:
Hello mate! excuse me for the reminder hehe, but there's any chance you could provide your last year's pack to download like all the others packs? I've been waiting for this since the new year, I love (my family and friends too) your wallpapers!

Sorry to bother you and thanks again for all your effort!
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Please forgive me cause the delay of this 9th pack, i was too busy with my works and prepare for our tradition festival called "Tet" in Vietnam or Lunar new Year. 9th pack finally online, thank you for keep asking and pushing me to finish this pack, and for your patient too. Please come and see: 

9th pack: Heal the World
Please, do not excuse yourself, you have completed year after year a job so exceptional that waiting a little longer was not problematic. We were just a little excited to see everything in a pack, as I particularly enjoy downloading them when you do the organized compilation. Thank you very much as always, I wish you the best health for you and yours and success at work!

Greetings from Venezuela.
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Just :heart: icon from me to my friend from Venezuela.

Greetings from Vietnam.

Hi Buddy!

I always go in here to see your work and it is still phenomenal, supreme. Hopefully when you post your 100th wallpaper you can compile the tenth pack, thank you very much for your photos. Greetings from Chile now, I moved last year here :)

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Thank you so much for your support, my friend <3