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Dear Mr. Sim,

        With all due honors I am a struggling illustrator myself. I would like to turn your attention to my own personal website. I do this not to advertise myself to you, but to kindly ask your wishes, approval and permission to make use of your character Cerebus. As he appears within the story line of my own personal illustrated story. What has been noted of the character cerebus within my story is as is. And I don't feel that there will be any other appearances of himself. To this day I have not earned any profit from the offering of my website to the public, but so as I seek for publishing in the future I found it necessary to ask for your approval. Otherwise I may have to redesign and rewrite certain factors of the story line. You may notice also there is a parallel I draw with the Flaming carrot who I will also be seeking correspondence with the author and illustrator. No pressure. It is a bit of a extensive in size site. So take your time. If you wish to answer my correspondence with you is the place. As I have always loved the story cerebus, I could not think of a better cameo of a character to utilize to get the point across. 

                    Thank you for your time and consideration
                                  Jeffrey Scott Streeter
                                             Flemington N.J.