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I love the way the sanding looks an your dolls. Do you mind if I ask, have you used the acetone finishing step to smooth the sanding on any of the eah boy dolls? Their bodies seem somewhat harder than the girls and I was wondering if that makes a difference with your sanding choices. Your Mark dolls seem less shiny, but that could be the body blushing etc. 
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Thanks so much! I'm sorry this is really really late.. I haven't logged into DA for a while because I was working on another big project.

To answer your question, yes, I have used acetone to finish the EAH ones as well. Were you looking at the pictures before or after painting? Because sealant removes the shine. I don't always use acetone on every doll though. It depends on how smooth they end up after the finest grade of sandpaper. Dolls can have a rather random composition from batch to batch that is cast depending on the exact mix at the time they are made.