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A stoke? OMG, when did it happened and what caused it? I've lost enough friends in the past three years, and for you to suffer through this?

I still have all the letters we sent back and forth since the late 1980's when I was getting interested in wanting to write a story set in your 'Willow Run' world. Even paid you to include three different businesses in the towns there! Still want to do that tale!

And I still thank you for steering me towards the Spontoon Island website. Have a few stories posted there with two more about half finished. Then Ken Fletcher started having computer problems.

I recall you had quit drawing to concentrate on writing. Had started on a book early in 2018 and got it published as an eBook last summer. Working on a Star Wars tale to follow suit.

Take care and keep up the good fight.

Richard Messer

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I had a stroke around February in 2017. It was a mild stroke, but I was one of those unlucky patients who did not respond to the usual drugs, and had a second stroke about a month later. I'm on a different medication that has me stabilized. It took some effort, but by April I was able to write with some difficulty, and published a zine for practice! After three years I felt I had recovered my faculties entirely, though sometimes I wonder if I will ever be entirely normal. Then again, was I ever? I haven't worked on Willowrun for quite a long time, not finding it useful for story telling. However, I have been writing an awful lot since around 2005. This was mostly for fanzines, but a little of it was fiction after a fashion. Then about four or five years ago I began writing fiction more consciously, including a few short pieces that might be professionally published. I wasn't paid anything, but the work did appear in a magazine or book. With desktop publishing, however, definitions have been fatally blurred. Most of the fiction I write lately has been Fraggle Rock related, and exists mainly to please myself.

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I had two seizures brought on my Sleep Apnea back in 2014. I would stop breathing every 6 to 7 minutes. Always wondered why my wife would wake me up int the middle of the night and tell me to breathe!

Was off my job for six months on Short Term Disability Convalescence, but the suits at the corporation's office sent me a letter saying that being off longer than twelve weeks made me subject to termination. Tried getting my job back but no dice. Finally applied for my Social Security payments the following year. Had a couple of other jobs since then, some full-time while other were part-time.

Finally working as a part-time custodian at my local public library. Quite happy to be working again. I have a friend who is a few years younger than me (I'm 67 now) who had two light strokes, to moderate heart attacks and had triple bypass surgery.

Got into the writing kick back in December of 2018 when I got a kick to watch old sci-fi movies, both American and Japanese, from the 1950's. And things started to fall into place the following Spring. Finally got my eBook published this last summer, but only one sale. At least someone took a chance on it. Working on a Star Wars tale that has nothing to do with the Skywalker canon.

Had watched most of the episodes of 'Star Wars: Rebels' on the Cartoon Network. Loved it better than the Clone Wars. Filled that niche between the Clone Wars and the original Star Wars movie. Offered a better understanding of what a small group of rebels were trying to do in their part of the galaxy. And they left the end opened enough to add on a follow-up to it.

I still want to do that Willow Run story, but a lot depends on whether or not I get your blessing for it. Just hope you're getting better now.