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Oscar is from Sesame Street and only exists in Fraggle Rock in a sort of hyper-dimensional way, as in the Muppet Christmas Special.
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I am reading some Fraggle fan-fics, esp. one very promising one where an explorer named Nevada Nesmith stumbles into their realm. Literally stumbles. Due to an injured ankle, he has to spend some days there until he's up to climbing out.

A few items were a waste of space. In one, Marjory is killed. In another Boober is born, but has deformities (such as no eyeballs) and the doctor doubted he'd live a day. In yet another, one of the Five is autistic. Seems that lots of people on this website brag that they are autistic. That tires me.

At the mo, Wembley is in "Outer Space" looking for Nevada Nesmith.  
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I'm afraid I have not contact with anything in the fan universe.  Apart from a few members of Negaducks DA group, I have no idea even if there is a fandom!  The DA site seems to be almost deserted, and no new art is being posted.