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Hey :) I was thinking of adding you to the Recommended Pages of DL's tumblr, if that's cool with you? Which URL do you want me to use?
Also, Merry Christmas!! I can't remember the time difference between you and me, but I'm pretty sure Christmas is only like an hour away for both of us :XD:
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Hey there!
Thanks for wanting to add me there, I'm absolutely cool with it :D
It would be great if you'd use my artblog-url, since I upload most of my stuff there.

And Merry Christmas to you, too!
(We are an hour apart, yeah xD)
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Okay, will do :)
Also, I wanted to say I haven't read Demon Diaries yet because I haven't found the time, but I promise I'll read it in the new year and give you my thoughts! :D
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Haha, take your time - I'll read your christmas story of KP as well once I'm alone again :D
(Friend is visiting me for 2 weeks)
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Okay, let me know what you think of it! I cried when I wrote the fifth chapter lol