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idomuchrisHobbyist Digital Artist
I have no idea how to you like to be addressed so I will go with the straight forward "hello".

I have a question for you and that is, do you have any interest in doing commission coloring work, and if so how much would you charge. If it would make any difference I would be happy to send you the line art of the picture I would like your coloring take on so you see it, decide you level of interest, and laugh at it all you wish, or say yes, or something in between.
If you have any interest in such a thing please let me know whenever you get a chance. If not, then you are still awesome in my book.
If I could ask something of you, I would love to know if there is a listing online somewhere of what you like to listen to when you work?
I am constantly putting together playlists to listen to while I am coloring and drawing, and I am really curious what you like to listen to while you work.
If you take a few seconds to look at this, then thanks for your time.
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ToolKittenProfessional General Artist
Yes I am! message me at my email, bakanekonei at