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Thanks for the faves! Would love to hear your thoughts on how stretchy superheroes can use active flexibility to their advantage. :D
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If you're not talking about getting into silly, utterly impractical fight choreography - the most obvious answer is reducing attack vectors.

Like, Standing split - Gumiyah is  just grandstanding, only done when there's nothing to dodge. If in combat, it's presenting as little as possible for your opponent to hit, making oneself a small enough target as possible. I'd wonder what the potential might be for fighting a person around a corner, or fighting around a stairway banister's cover.

I sort of want to point you at

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Oh yeah, that standing split's just a cute "just standing around" pose. I think that since she is a superhero with stretchy powers we're well into the realm of utterly impractical, so imagine all the dumb gymkata you can shake a pommel horse at. I've learned the names of a zillion balance beam and vault moves in the past few hours trying to figure out to describe her kicking some goons lately.

Thanks for the link to the account, still! Fantastic skills there.