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MaruokaStudent Traditional Artist
Greetings Miss Drawkill.
I hope you're enjoying your day. I would like to ask you something,
I'm a spanish fanduber with previous experience.
And, I'm interested to make a fandub of your comic Die Wonder. Through this way it could be available to the Spanish-speaking public .We're doing the same with Ava's Demon.

But I could not do it without your consent.
Thank you for reading, If you accept we'll do our BEST work.

We'll keep an  [F2U] Grey Rolling Eye on you <3       

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DrawKillProfessional General Artist
When you say dubber do you mean like translating the comic via words or spoken? Either or I don't mind, If it's a translation of the comic I'd love a link to where you upload it and I'll post a link to it on my site. :>
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MaruokaStudent Traditional Artist
Yes, it's a translation, via words and Spoken, We will open a youtube channel
where we'll be acting the scenes with our voices. Also, we'll translate the scenes via words,
so it will look more professional and clean, we don't post it but only as the video.
If you have some suggestion about how the voices of your characters could be,
we will take it into account.

Thank you so much!!
I will give you the link of our channel once it's all done.
And once again; ¡Muchas gracias!

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DrawKillProfessional General Artist
Ohh okay, sounds cool just as long as it's non profit and there's credit~ And I'm not really sure on voices myself so I give you freedom with that!
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