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Ah, the snaffing Bimble. You and your twin were probably the only thing that delayed the inevitable crash of KRR.

Hi! I'm that guy who loomed on that website you were a staff member on yet never signed up! What, don't remember me? How saddening.

Irregardless, it's good to finally find a trace of you on and here.
I love your art style, it's like nothing I've seen before.

Best wishes to yeh!
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I ... think I do? D'yer name still have "777" in it back on the ol' days? If yes, then I do. If no, then... I'll say that I still do~!
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Naw, I never made an account or asked a question, as far as I can remember.

Thanks for replying, by the way. Have you thought of being a staff member on another site since KRR's collapse?

I doubt it'd be Kirby related, if you have. Seeing as how those tend to not exist.
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Well, there were some "777" handles that came to mind, so I couldn't tell for certain.

Nah, outside of my limited involvement at Reality's End, I've been mostly just sticking to my own website as far as getting things done is concerned.
Which about translates to: doin' nothin'.
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Hey, livin' the good life, am I right?

Best wishes to ya, man. And your twin, too.