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Bimblesnaff... Is that you?! :omg:

Bimblesnaff! It's me, Soft Cookie! :wave: I'm the one who asked the question in Ask the Kirby Gurus about why the characters in the Kirby anime turn evil a lot, and the one who asked questions in two of the Mailbag sessions, including the question about Gooey in Patch Land! :D I had no idea you were on DA! Hello! :la:
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I actually do remember you, unbelievable as that is, given the years and influx of questioners in years previous.
Yep, I've been here, for some time actually. Just never felt shameless enough to hock the fact.
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You remember me? :omfg: That's awesome! :boogie: I joined this site in December of 2012. Oh and... tomorrow's my birthday! :party: