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I showed it to a friend of mine year's ago on Facebook, luckily enough it was still in our chat history. But something happened, I've tried 5 time's to upload it here but it keep's coming out small.

Anyway, when the OFF-WHITE Website was still up this was the link for the gif ~

Do you still have the full gif ??? Oo.

Or perhap's you can get it from one of the other artist's if one of them has it ??? Oo.

If you still have it or if you can get it could you give it to Username-91 so that person can upload to the website that person made ??? Oo.

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I doubt that this can be done because the platform is intended to archive pages on it. You can only write a comment. As for the forum and the general discussion, that does not exist. The website is still unfinished, and who knows how long it will be like that.