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Did you ever figure anything out for OFF-WHITE.

And is the OFF-WHITE Spell Gif here on deviantart.

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Thank's. ^^

Ummmmm. Do you know if the spell gif was saved. The animation was good on it. Would stink if it was gone. Oo.

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I don't know of any animation you're talking about. It's probably deleted.

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I hate my flipping touchscreen, now I have to edit my comment. I should be it. It was still in our chat history.

I showed it to a friend of mine year's ago on Facebook, luckily enough [Edit ×I×]. it was still in our chat history. But something happened, I've tried 5 time's to upload it here but it keep's coming out small.

Anyway, when the OFF-WHITE Website was still up this was the link for the gif ~

Though obviously the link is bad now.

Perhap's akreon has the full size gif. Oo.

I tried tagging akreon but it wasn't working. Oo.

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It's the first time to see it. :shrug: Welcome to the eclipse, where nothing works and everything is broken and botched.

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I know.

I'm gonna put a direct comment about this on akreon's page. See if he can give you the full gif so you can upload it to the site.