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Ironic that you collect all these portraits of people yet attack my pages for "narcissistic" selfies. Sir, I am most raw and vulnerable in my pictures because that is me as I am. Dressed up, dressed down, reading in the bath. Whether they are taken professionally or by myself, they still reveal pieces of me. View me as a stupid American white girl fine. But that's because you didn't bother to maybe see any deeper than my face. And that is why you aren't worth more than my two comments. You are quick to judge and slow to converse. You would only like me if I was nude or shot whilst in lingerie, because that is "artistic". But that is not how I view myself. I would feel ridiculous in that setting because I am not that sort of girl (granted nudes are beautiful but not meant for everyone) so I show myself in real life, when I feel pretty and in shots on days when I do not. If that offends you, consider why you like nudes so much. Because they are beautifully vulnerable and open and natural and raw? That is the intent of mine. The only difference? Your choice to be a jerk.