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Hi daekazu, my name is Noah-Firebreath and I came to ask you for a Art Request, well here it is: I was wondering if you could do my two main characters in your art style please and thank you, here’s what they look like:

Noah Firebreath (revamp 7)
Breez Waterlow (revamp 7)

Noah's eye color: Red

Breez’s eye color: Blue

Info about Noah and Breez’s heights, lengths, and weights.


Also I want full bodies of them.

Also I want Noah Firebreath and Breez Waterlow together in one picture.

One last thing, Noah and Breez are Kaiju (Japanese word for Giant Beast).

here’s a link to know more about Kaiju:

Noah's dorsal plates.


noah firebreath gdkbr

Breez’s dorsal plates.


breez waterlow gdkbr