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Hey there :D
Are you still translating Touhou M-1 GP ?
I've been waiting for the full videos :D
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ya. as of today, all Touhou M-1 GP videos from 1st to 9th are fully subbed
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yeah, but I still can't find some of the judging part, especially in 7th GP
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hmm, let me know which ones you cannot find and i'll take a look. if there is no one subbing it, then i will probably pick it up
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7th GP - Mystery Parasol
7th GP - Jealousy Star
7th GP - Yasaka Kanako
7th GP - Patchumirin
and 1st GP R - Border Girls

That's all, I guess
And thanks for the replay :D
and for your hard work :D
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Ok, thanks. When I have time, I'll sub the judging.

7th Skits -…
1st GP R Border Girls -…