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lol. oh yeah. i think i heard about da from you lol. And lets not forget blogger. Back in my day we used the very reputable geocities. he he. Now look at me, I am a blogger blogspot blogging fool. It's all your fault.
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your taking blogger to a whole new level. I just dont have the dedication to sparkle motion like you do.

your skills are tops.

I've been thinking about a new font (havent done one in forever) based on shitty mexican hand made signs.
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not everyone is a total dweeb like me making dweebie stuff for blogger. Thanks so much though for your compliments :) I think your a super badass artist yourself, so thats way cool.
Saw you blackberry icons, those were totally profesh.
and yeah make the font! your fonts are always hella cool. I havent made a font in ages either. If you ever wanted to do that "type foundry" thingy I'm totally down dude. You were like my comrad in arms & we both have the same "experience" in font making & kinda started at the same time. Fo'sho.