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Hey, I don't know if you know this...but is Google using your Chrome icon?…
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Nah, they're not using my icon. Over the years, Google has updated the Chrome icon a few times, each time approaching a flatter design aesthetic. This version that you asked about is from their Kennedy collection of icons. Since I based a lot of my icon sets off of this design style, they're naturally going to look similar, however there are still some difference between them if you look closely. If you see here, the icon on the left is the one I made while the one on the right is the Kennedy one you linked to. The yellows and blue are very similar, but the reds and greens in the Kennedy icon are a bit darker than what I use. Also, there's a slight gradient in the Kennedy icon while mine is entirely flat. 

Thanks for asking though! 
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Ohh, I see it now. The colors are different. Personally, I prefer yours! Keep up the good work.