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 Happy Birthday You are known for your quick whit, discipline and generosity. When you find a challenge or task that you consider to be worthwhile, you will dedicate yourself to it fully. In these situations, your attention to detail and focused mind flourish. You apply the same amount of dedication to people who are important to you. Your generosity is appreciated by those closest to you, as you sometimes find yourself addressing the needs of others before your own. Famous people born today: Leonard Bernstein, Sean Connery, Gene Simmons, Elvis Costello, Billy Ray Cyrus, Claudia Schiffer,  Ivan the Terrible,  Ludwig I of BavariaWalt Kelly,  Monty Hall,  Althea GibsonRegis PhilbinTim BurtonRachael RayAlexander SkarsgårdKel MitchellBlake Lively, & fellow deviant chacckco