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I read through Border Control a few years ago and I loved it! I check back every once in a blue moon when I see it on my list of webcomics I like, and I saw the comment you replied to! I'm so happy you still want to work on it!
My memory is pretty spotty so I keep a list of the ones I don't want to forget, and I thought what the hell maybe there's been some news! Aaahhh!! I'm so happy!!!
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Aaaah thank you! Border Control is very close to my heart and I do plan on continuing it, perhaps with a little different chapter build than before but same characters, same world! It always makes my heart melt to hear people still remember it<3 All of it's readers have been so kind and patient with me, I am truly grateful<3
I'll try to remember to post a little reminder here too whenever I update so you won't miss it!