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HEY! Wishing luck will come your way? Don't fret, my friend! Why... I got something in store for you : )

So, a gray birdie once told me about a building in Fairbanks, Alaska having tons of damning treats behind closed doors. You outta check it for yourself- though you might be wondering "what is waiting for me??

I can't give out much detail, that'd ruin the surprise. What I can tell you is that the building itself is queer; it has an oval-like shape with a baby-blue paintjob. It is kinda hard to spot when it snows. It has the numbers 571 written at the doorstep, along with a red-ish metal staircase on the back. Looks like one of those apartment thingies, except it got a balcony. The goodies inside have plenty of value, though. Over 500,000 dollars worth of collectibles and various media lost over the years. Some old fart used to own the building apparently. As you can tell, he was one hell of a hobbyist. Not many know where he went, maybe he’s dead or something- perhaps still in there begging to be found and put to rest. You can be the first to know, the first to find out. Sounds exciting, eh?

Send this message to 10 different people, get the word out. We can all solve this mystery if more know about it. Copy ‘n paste everything, including this text. I hope the old man is okay.