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Greetings to you,
you haven't check your comments for really long time,how are you? I’m your fans and I am also a Keygenmusic author.Your production 'Celestial Fantasia' is fantastic!
I come from China and I just have some questions.Could I just take a moment to ask?

So,are you still here? Are you going to make more outstanding sounds? What are your plan for your future creations?

If you could see this message I will be very delighted and I'm hoping for your reply.

Well,my English is not very good,some words that I said isn't very appropriate.I hope you can forgive me,thanks!
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Hi there! Sorry I'm replying so late, I don't check here much these days.

I'm glad you enjoy my old music! I haven't worked on anything new lately - did a smattering of music for the webcomic Homestuck during its run, but that finished up a few years ago. I'd like to start working on independent stuff again, though. As I get older, I'm realizing just how valuable each day is, so I'm trying to get into a habit of organizing my time to make room for exercising the creative skills I know I have a talent for.

you most certainly have a talent for writing music! i hope the muse takes you again one day because i'd love to hear more of your stuff

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Thank you! That means a lot to me.