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Yeah I was just wondering, has this NOT happened yet?

The pictures that have been removed and/or voluntarily taken down by the artist, there's no other place to find them, is there?
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Well I got some of the lost arts, I'm trying to upload them to danbooru. Do u want them? We can find a way to do it
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Oh, I definitely want them. All of them. I remember a year or two seeing some screenshot of pictures that you'd created but never uploaded to Deviantart (a batch of pictures that you were sharing with certain people and letting them choose the next work that would be uploaded to DA, or something like that?), and it looked like a backlog of dozens of unpublished works. (I honestly can't remember where I saw this, apologies if it wasn't supposed to be for my eyes.)

That said, I'm not entitled to your art any more than anyone else here is. I've never given you any money at all (I would LOVE to commission you but I don't think you do that sort of thing). I just love what you've been doing all these years and would love there to be a way to find as much of it as possible in one place. Danbooru or Pixiv would be nice, not going to lie. Pixiv would be nice as a way to collect your older works AND stay notified of new works as well.

When you say that you have "some of the lost arts," do you mean that you've lost some of your own work because it was taken down from Deviantart? I had a ton of your stuff on my computer but I deleted my entire collection three weeks ago because it was getting out of hand. I wouldn't have done this if I knew that some of the work was now gone from the Internet and your own archives!
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xqk13, you have every single on of them that were on Deviantart? and possibly his April Fools one as well?(ik the April Fools's pics are low res but I need them for the collection)
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I'm not d mizton bro, just a guy passing by who happens to have SOME of his pics that got deleted