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Hey. So how you're doing? I'm still in hope you'll make a win7 no-taskbar-icons explorer patch (maybe in year 2020?). Take care. I'll be waiting =)
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Hi! Still on XP. (I know, I am stubborn as hell).
I have a new hobby since 2014. Mountain biking. But I would call it off-road biking since there are no mountains here. Well, not exactly true. There is a small mountain near here. (Tokaj is about 30 km from here) Anyway, my subject of customizing is the BIKE now. Even have a page for that. ( - but only in Hungarian language)

Sooner or later I will have to use win7 or win "X" . And I guess I will be customizing again. But not in the summer that is for sure. So there is hope. :)