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Thanks so much for the kind words.  It's comments like this that keep me doing what I do after all these years.  Well, that and undying perversion.  ;-)  dA's rules regarding sexual content are pretty firmly based in the quest for legitimacy.  dA has something of a reputation as being a cartoon porn site, something they really struggle to overcome.  While the need for artistic freedom and "legitimate" art's relationship with the nude prevents them from straight up banning nudity (like, say, Pinterest), they can draw the line on stuff that is more well defined as "pornographic."  What it really boils down to, though is the old adage about not being able to define "porn," but knowing it when you see it.  So the rules do their best to draw the line between "erotic art" and "porn," but ultimately, it's up to the site admins' discretion as to what violates and what doesn't.  For instance, I ran afoul of an admin who has a real hate for Kim Possible erotica and will target ANYTHING that depicts that character in any light he deems inappropriate as falling under the "no child porn" rule.  He argues that Kim is a minor in the show, therefore, all depictions of her must also be a depiction of a minor (which is, of course, absurd as even in the context of the show, as the series ended with her graduation and many kids, myself included, turn 18 during their senior year).  The fact is, this is one guy who uses his power to get rid of something he finds offensive.  And that's the nature of it.  There's nothing that can be done about it except shrug and use a different service.  I chose deviantART over Hentai Foundry for one simple reason: groups.  HF has better artists on it BY FAR.  The work I see posted to that site is usually pretty phenomenal, while dA mostly provides a steady stream of amateur crap.  But HF also emphasized explicit art...  Really, really explicit art, and my stuff, which is, like, 90% pinup art, seems a little tame there.  So while I'd prefer to have everything in one place, I actually prefer dA.  Hentai Foundry needs an overhaul.  Anyway, thanks for the comment!
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Yeah...DA used to be a pretty good site use the nicer word. Then they tried to 'clean' up their act. Which, I guess is fine. Nothing wrong with trying to be a bit more mainstream, get more users and make more advertising dollars. But...if you want to be more mainstream...maybe you shouldn't call yourself "DEVIANT" Art! My daughter had an account when she was 16, and I can't tell you the number of raised eyebrows she got from family when she told them! 

In any event, I appreciate your very adult response to the shift. Not everybody was as flexible.

May your professional ventures keep your pockets full and may your private ventures keep your heart full!