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hi woe, idk if you still remember me? (i hope you are q,q), I'm the guy you called "bam" in Iscribble back then (real username was djawaman21 though) 8B

ever-gorgeous cute art by the way

...sorry if this is so sudden lol 8'B
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oh wow i'm getting a lot of people from iscribble these days.
Did something happen? And yes I totally remember you!
We hung out a lot afterall~ how're you doing? c;
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ahahah idk, iscribble is just not the same nowadays, it's getting much more... quiet lol, maybe people just trying to reach out old hangout buddies here.

i'm pretty fine myself lmaoo, with work and stuffs. do you know the dA accounts of other peeps we used to hang out together tho? i kinda miss the days tho it's not really possible to spend that much time on iscrib again since pretty sure many of us is getting busier with college, work and stuffs :')
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Yes of course we hung out a lot! B))

I can't believe you've been on iscribble for so long, it's such a hard place to draw.

I barely know any DA accounts to begin with. I know those of sel and capo ,and alejandro but idk if you actually know them.
The rest is also pretty dead really, I think everyone moved to tumblr. And well they have their own life to deal with hehe 
Though it's great to hear from you again! Maybe I should visit iscribble one day.
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Welllllll not that often, it's pretty rare actually, and for not that long. I just come there sometimes if i get extremely bored and and do like 10 minutes random doodles on some crowded board then logoff lmao.

And yea i don't really know/remember them sadly, i already forget the username of the peeps who used to hang often with us lol. oh well. :(
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I can't really draw on it cause my tablet has flicks on or something so it's bad with those web painters lmao.
But it would be fun to see all my old friends again, I really like how you guys all came to my DA to say hello~
It's really nostalgic hehe