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Aww so sweet of you! ♥ haha I do nothing but orz at my old art. Though what am I saying, I orz at my art now :'(

It has been too long! I hope you're doing okay over there!
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I'm doing okay! Aside from usual life problems but art wise I'm on a roll! (Sketches anyway LOL)
I've been sketching and practicing full body and poses....I'm weeping at my lack of knowledge in perspective and backgrounds hahahaha
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That's good! I hope the recent stuff that happened hasn't affected you. And haha that's good! :D and haha well... those are life long struggles orz
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Well Since I'm in Manila Typhoon Haiyan didn't really affect me directly. It affected one of my officemates though her family was in Tacloban where the typhoon directly hit butI'm glad to know they are okay now and she brought her daughter here in manila with her xD

I wanna do commissions but I dont even know where to find customers LOL. (Or rather my art isn't really probably sellable enough unless it was Gaia Gold Ecept Gaia Gold Can't feed me :iconotlplz:)

I've been sculpting Air Dry Clay too and the usual everyday of walking the dogs ahahahaha xD

Sometimes I think I'm doing too many things at the same time but then again I like doing a lot of things just so I can feel productive
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Aww, that's good at least her family is safe and you are too! :D

There's different places you can try! The key thing is to get the word out. Of course you should definitely make a journal about it at least, but you should also post that you're open on different places. There's the forums for commissions on DA, there's Tumblr, there's other websites specifically for commissioning like or or you can use DA's thing, but their commission fee is pretty higher than some other sites. There's also stuff like elance and odesk and whatnot that take on stuff.

Haha I bet you're more productive than I am! I'm still job searching but I just keep doing a lot of art instead.... sigh I just wanna do what I love for a living. OTL
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Well Half the time I'm in Gaia Online Playing Booty Grab
I actually have so little time to do actual art since I also just search stuff on the net hahaahah IDK.

I just wanna earn money via art too but alas its not sustainable X_X

I have an Odesk Account but well I dunno no one is hiring me there LOL xD

I just want to sleep all the time since I work 48 hours a week .... 6 days X_X
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Oh you! You should definitely spend that time drawing instead wwwww

Haha well, you  know, unless you're lucky and skilled and have a job doing it that pays a lot. /lies down is not that sort of person.

:V yeah.... I don't like those sort of sites anyway since usually isn't the sort of art that I do that they want. You do have to look for jobs yourself and apply to them.

ouch! Get rest when you can for sure~
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Yeah I've actually spent less time there this recent weeks...I used to play BG till I nerf everyday but I think I'm finally starting to get tired of such a tedious and repetitive game X_X

I'm not skilled either hahahaha I just want to enjoy and have fund while doing stuff..I wish my mother stops relying on me financially so I can also stop pressuring myself from working. Seriously all the guilt tripping is driving me crazy :/

Well I'm a multimedia graduate so I could actually do what they are asking for but I guess I knda price myself high hahahahaha...IDK or they are really just cheapstakesss

I sleep at around 6-8 hours actually not very bad but I dunno why I still get sleepy I have a feeling I'm just really lazy xD
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