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Not all of us are trolls. I just wanted anyone who happens upon this page to see that. I consider this as sort of like visiting your grave. I never personally knew you Monty Oum, but I just wanted to say that I enjoy your series. I only just started watching it this year, but I'm already in volume 4 and it's one of my favorites. It's made me laugh, cry, sit on the edge of my seat, and cheer. To create the world of Remnant you must have had a wonderful imagination and it's tragic that the world did not get to see more of it. Wherever you are, whether you can see this or not, I just wanted to thank you. I like to think that your spirit lives on in the world you created. The world's name is Remnant after all, so maybe it can be your remnant in this world, so that you are not forgotten, and your art can continue to bring joy, sadness, and excitement to people. I hope that's what you would have wanted; at the very least it's pretty cool. That's all I wanted to say, I'll leave you to your rest. And here is the reddest rose I could find, it even glitters with a sort of aura of its own.
Red Rose 
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