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Hello, Inconcabille. :) I have some questions about your wonderful journal skins. It's extremely sad that CSS resources can no longer be used ever since DeviantArt launched Eclipse on May 20. My best friend, Lyris1075, and I saved the CSS codes of hundreds of free journal skins before the arrival of Eclipse. We are making a website at for our Yu-Gi-Oh! RP group Yu-Gi-Oh-RPdA. We need permission to use the skins we saved, so would it be alright if we use your skins in our website? If you say yes, we will include your username, the link to your DeviantArt profile, the links to the skins we use in your gallery, and the links of other artists in the credits. It will permit your skins to continue being used. :heart:

I also have another question if you allow us to use your skins. Can we customize the CSS codes and the art? Of course, we would still keep your username in the credits as the original artist of your journal skins.