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Some of your visual pieces remind me of The Crow, your art certainly has a lot of gothic characteristics. I hope to see you get recognized for your talents.

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Awh, thank you so much for those kind words! I've only started from zero this February so still long way to go.

I very much enjoy gothic (although don't dress like that because I would look like an idiot with my baby face) - started with Type O Negative, then Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim aaand so it went. :) Also love Powerwolf's gothic image.

My art stems from few things - first of all, shading with ink is EVIL. ;P Second of all, I used to do a lot of 35mm photography and loved developing prints with Arab gum, so I'm kind of drawn to this kind of black and white style. Also, I design all my tattoos myself, so it influences my style too. And finally, I find plain black ink the easiest to work with, and I love my signature split ink method like in Burnt Flowers Fallen. ^_^