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Over 28 children have been made Saints by the church because Jews sacrificed them ritually.

Over 109 countries have kicked Jews out - and every European country often more than once.

Jews give newborn babies herpes through sucking their freshly penises and torture animals through kosher slaughter.

Truth does not fear investigation.

And there is no hiding that you are a disgusting individual whom I would wish things on that I cannot publicly say.

God have mercy on your soul.
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Officially? Jailed for criminal anti-social behavior or institutionalized depending on whether it is mental illness or simply evil character.

Israel is annexing an entire country and they are the reason for the destabilization of the middle east. It used to be a prosperous place to live in former times. Their annexation of internationally controlled territory began in 1948 through the Belfour agreement.
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Wrong; what Jews did to the Palestinians was similar to the natives conquering and ethnically replacing whites and other races in the Americas. It was inhumane.