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Much like many others I found my way here through the Chidori of Flaming Rubies comic which I like a great lot. When I finally get to buy a new gaming rig and refresh my WoW account, be sure to expect a lvl1 on Argent Dawn whispering you with encouraging stuff and general thanks ;) While rerolling/transferring to your legendary server sounds like a great idea and I'd love to be in contact with you folks, I realize that everyone must learn his own way and that it's my duty to find my own "Flaming Rubies" and not just leech on others :) (Also there's the fact that my only 70 is horde and I'm not really hardcore engamer...)

Anyway, keep up the stunning work and keep us cracking :) Honest thanks once again for making me smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside ;)

Over and out,
Adam a.k.a. Angelic of Scarshield Legion (soon to reroll)