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Let's keep the front page looking clean~! <3 Reply here
to keep up with the theme of the page <333
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I was given an eliore a while back and was curious if I could change their hair style and gender ?
They’re the #220 on the MasterList…
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Hey I was wondering if there was a way to get into the discord without a phone number because I don't have a phone not a phone number I can use
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hello, I have an eliore on toyhouse from the free myo event and I was hoping to give it a fresh new look and I was just wondering what the rules were for changing the eliore's overall look. I plan on keeping all the same traits and overall look, the color palette will remain the same, I just want to change some of the details.
here's the eliore:
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Hello my myo never got on the masterlist for some reason any way I can get it on??
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what happened to the feral guide and the myo guide beieth made??  i checked resources and they're both gone :(
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just letting you know that I've traded this design to vekier for art!
Thank you!!
Envy |Elomimi MYO by Lenni-Nami
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Can I ask the affiliation with my group? ^^
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Hello. I sent a note to the group on August 25th, but I haven't gotten an answer back.
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Hey Yuko--San. I will take a look into it personally and figure out what went wrong! 
I apologize for the wait!
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hng would it be too late to turn in an myo from the recent event by tomorrow? I'm not sure how long it's been or if it's been too long ;v;
I'd also like to know if it's alright to do a chibi ref for the myo? it'd be faster for me that way! uvu
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Hello there! The comments here are for leaving comments about
the species and asking general questions. Please submit any myo
inquiries and requests for extensions via group notes as we have
a certain way of tracking valid myo slots! ; v ; Thank you!
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oh, my apologies! I was rushing hgjdgh
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Is that possible to a Rare Eliore with Braided Tail make it Un-braided when they want to and exchange between the two tails kind like a hairstyle?? >o<)\\ this question has been on my mind for a while
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Unfortunately, no! Eliore are born with their tails in the shape that their trait allows for.
The reasoning for this is that the fibers that make them up are quite fragile and doing
hairstyles with their tails could risk them breaking. If they break, they have a shorter 
lifespan as their tails cannot absorb the proper amount of lunar energy they need!

I hope that explains why!
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YES YES!!!! it surely explains!!!!!!
THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for the time to reply!! <3
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No, thank you for asking! <3333 I love to answer any
lore and anatomy questions about the Eliore <3 If you
ever have any more, please feel free to ask!
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Llama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1] EAWOKFME ofc....thank you for being so gentle and sweet!!!!!!!!
It was crucial to me since I was not sure yet if I would like to consider changing my Eliore!!!!!
I will be sure to come there and ask whatever question abt lore or Eliores general questions!!!!!!!! tysm once again!! 
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I think I might be late haha
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Found it! Lol that was fun XD
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hi ur eggs made me join the group and now im trapped here thanks
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would it be possible to be notified next time myo slots are available? been after one for a bit i keep missing it xD
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Unfortunately we do not have plans for notification lists or notifying people ;v; 
Watching and being a member of the group should notify anyone who is a part of it when a new journal or deviation is posted though! . o ./
I would say check your notification settings to make sure that group deviations and journals are appearing on your feed!
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how do i send in my MYO for approval?  
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Please note the group with your username in the title and follow the instructions on the MYO journal. uvu Without everything required, we won't be able to approve your MYO until the guidelines are followed! Everything you need to know will be there. uvu<3
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How are the MYO acceptance notes going? It's been 5 days since I sent mine in so I just wanted to pop in to know if it's been slow/steady/etc ''v';;
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Yes we've got a list that is currently being gone through ; v ;
We apologize that it's taken so long. We are going to be cracking down on all
approvals this weekend so that they are all done. ; v ;
Some issues keep pulling our attention away but will be more focused going forward! <3
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aa ok thanks for letting me know !! u v u
good luck to you guys and don't overwork yourselves!
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No problem! ; v ; We're sorry that this has taken so long.
Thank you so much ; A ; It means a lot since we were not expecting so many!!
If you need any assistance at all in the future or you have concerns, feel free to message any of
our active mod team!
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I dont think I still havent had my myo approved yet?
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hi there I wanna ask why is my boi still didnt get approved to the group ;-;
someone already approved my myo before i submit it officially

I thought I have to wait for the next time they approved other applications (I do realize you guys make in in a bunch in a time) and I saw you guys did it today but yet mine still not accepted to the group ;-; 
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Hey there Peguri!
I apologize for the trouble! Go ahead and resend it and I will get to it right away.
We had a major influx of them and unfortunately, sometimes pictures end up in the wrong folders. ; v ;
I'll be going through the rest of these as well! If someone approved it, then you're good to post though!
If you don't see your boy, make sure that you were trying to add him to the correct folder? ; 3; 
Maybe something happened there too. > u < I'm sorry that we're so swamped!
I'll help in whatever way I can though ~! <3
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ahh really ;v; thank you <3

btw Im also afraid that if i submitted in wrong folder too 
before I tried to submit it in MYO reference folder
is that one right?
If it is then I will try resubmit it again in that folder :D

no I can see you guys have like so many people omg :iconpapmingplz:
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No problem~! <333 ; v ; I understand how things like this can be worrisome!
And yes, that would be the correct folder!! . o .
Sometimes DA is a jerk and likes to change the destination. > A < 
I've had that happen to me a few times in the past even though I triple checked!
And aaaah yeah this got a lot bigger than anyone was thinking it would! 
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yea sometimes it went lagging ;v;

lmao yea and even the chatroom is like super active xDD
it's nice to be lively :3

((imma gonna try resubmit it now thank you <33))
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Yeeeaaaaah... xD 

lmfao right? though sometimes it causes issues b/c everyone gets just so excited ahahah~
I'm glad that for the most part people seem to be happy though!

((yes okay~ I will watch for it and alert the other mods to do the same <3))
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yea for real XD
I cant even catch up with them lol
yea they seems happy which is a good thing =7=

((no need to alert the other this is just a regular submission oAo; ))