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I've got a question, hope you can help,

I've been googling for quite a while for a remedy on how to adjust the panel's notification area in Xfce to allow icons in the tray/notification area more space, so they are not too tight on one another. I was told, that this has to be edited in the Gtk file of the theme, yet I cannot seem to find the right strings, thus would appreciate your help.

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Depends on what theme you use.

For my themes Zukitwo and Zukiwi.

The first you'll see when you open that file is this:
xthickness = 4 # The spacing (padding) inside and between applets. Add a lower value for a more compact look.
Change 4 to a higher number. In other themes it may be located in the gtkrc file. Style classes can vary between themes. But this will fix it in my themes anyways.

Unfortunately there's a design miss by the XFCE devs. When that number is higher the icons in the panel will become smaller.
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Thanks a lot for your prompt response. I've been searching for this for so long, I have no idea why people who also knew never responded or evaded the response. Says a lot about their character.