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Tag! [link]

You don't actually have to do the meme if you don't want to, but I'm curious to know your answers at least. ^^ (For RuroKen. XD Or whatever fandom you want. :) )
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i have screen shots but i don't know how to compile them on the meme thing... and the only screen shots were from animeseason and there's a big blue 'play' arrow in the middle of each that covered the expression i wanted to capture (i could have used the manga but that's a whole bunch more work to search through).

yes, yes. of course it's 'rk', would there be any doubt?
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W00t, I was finally able to do mine! Lol, most of my pics came from the flashback sequence to young Battousai's life in Kyoto...that's when I realized that that's my favorite part of the entire manga. ^^
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For mine, I just copy and paste them into Paint, resizing if necessary. :)

I'm still working on figuring out which manga shots I want (because I don't want to use the anime for my version)...once I have those, then I'll hunt down scans on the Internet and use them for the meme, because I really wanna do this for RK. If you know which images you want, I can do the same thing and make a version for you too, if you like. ^^ And I do have season 2 on DVD, I can get screenshots from that, too.

I figured, but I just wanted to make sure. XD (Didn't know if you'd pick IY or something.)